solutions for industrial coating systemsCustom solutions for industrial coating systems


Why choose coating machines and systems CMV?

We offer our customers a quality service complete and totally controlled, producing our coating systems completely inside our factory, and we have all the internal human resources necessary for production, installation and sales, providing a full service, fast and efficient, ranging from the initial choice, installation and after sales support, according to a logical process and consequential act to get the result previously defined with our client, this process can be summarised as follows:

  • Preliminary analysis of production needs;
  • Preliminary analysis of operating costs;
  • Preliminary advice about the type of coating system;
  • Consulting on System designs;
  • Product quality guaranteed by the control technology;
  • Electronic Management of system 4.0;
  • Learning through operator training;
  • Constant technical assistance;
  • E-care;
  • Spare parts always available;

The coating system consists of several machines and technological components that work hand in hand through a software system dedicated and specially created for each system.

The final result, i.e. a product perfectly painted, is obtained by means of a constant optimization and automatic control of each, which allows you the following advantages:

  • Saving of raw materials and energy;
  • Low environmental impact;
  • Low running costs;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Control of the entire system.

Technical characteristics of coating systems

The coating systems differ primarily by the type of paint used, type of material on which to apply the surface treatment and in relation to the workpieces transport system.

To learn more: Coating systems CMV, Coating systems for metal surfaces, Coating systems for plastic, Coating systems for wood and glass

Powder coating systems

An example of a work cycle to a powder coating system:

Powder coating systems offer many advantages, chief among them almost zero environmental impact, thanks to the high efficiency heat exchangers or direct burners help prevent energy waste and total heat recovery thanks to combustion chambers with high efficiency insulation and energy efficient.

Powder coating systems can be used on most materials, steel, aluminium, zama, cast iron etc. On virtually any metal surface.

The only limitation to the use of this system is the curing temperature, which typically ranges from 160° C to 180° C, so you cannot use this technology to all the pieces that do not tolerate such temperatures.

In all cases, prior to painting, the metal must be properly “prepared and treated "chemically and/or mechanically to clean its surface from oils arising from its production and/or oxides, powders etc. that would prevent the paint from adhering perfectly to the surface.

Visit the page Powder coating systems to follow up


Most of our coating systems are equipped with a pretreatment system, process that ensures the perfect cleaning of the workpiece in its entirety.

The various types of metal workpieces, carbon steel, aluminium, zama etc. require different pretreatment processes, depending on the substances to be removed from the surface and, also, depending on the type of material, as well as the required corrosion resistance time (resistance to salt spray).

Our company specializes in the production of these systems, and offer combined pretreatment system with a turnkey solution, as follows:

  • Degreasing;
  • phosphating;
  • chemical, mechanical or ultrasound treatments, or mixed systems, i.e. a combination of these degreasing systems;
  • acid pickling;
  • chromate treatment;
  • nanotechnologies application system;
  • fluozirconatura o fluotitanazione;
  • washing with demineralised water obtained through demineralization process by anion and cationic exchange or demineralisation process by reverse osmosis or cationic.

As regards the application of the above chemical treatment CMV designs, manufactures and installs the following pretreatment systems:

  • Spray pre-treatment washing tunnel machine in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L;
  • Pretreatment Tanks for immersion treatments or mixed with spraying systems and immersion system in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 3016L or in plastic;
  • Pretreatment Systems integrated with washing tunnel machine and blasting machine online;
  • Mono or multi pretreatment cells with step by step feed or in double-rail;
  • Continuous blasting process, clustered or manual blasting chamber;
  • Manual cleaning and special chambers.


After the pieces were pre-treated, it’s necessary to remove excess water deposited on their surface. CMV gets this result through a drying process using a specially drying oven dedicated to the purpose where the evaporation takes place.

Our drying ovens are made of rock wool insulated modular panels and their combustion chambers complete with indirect heat exchange or, on request, with direct burners.

These ovens normally work at a temperature of 80° -100° C but are sized and approved up to a working temperature of 220° C to obtain, if necessary, a degassing process.

CMV designs, manufactures and installs the following curing and drying systems:

  • Dry-off ovens in line with the containment system of hot air through air veils;
  • Dry-off ovens in line with automatic locking doors to advancement step-by-step or with bi-rail conveyor;
  • Dry-off ovens “a campana”

Powder coating

The powder coating is applied on metal surfaces using electrostatic attraction, a phenomenon in which an electrostatically charged material, acquires the ability to attract or to be attracted to other object with an opposite electric charge.

his process takes place within the powder coating spray booth, which is made of electrically charged dielectric material that prevents dust from adhering to the walls of the booth itself, a factor of fundamental importance for get a perfect and quick cleaning of the booth and thus to avoid unnecessary stops of the coating line, greatly decreasing the cost of color change, and at the same time, achieve very high performance in terms of recovery of dust over-spray.

Our coating systems are therefore equipped with this type of booths that work according to the above mentioned process.

Coating booths

CMV designs, manufactures and installs her following coating booths:

  • Coating spray booth made of dielectric material for external manual gun working station;
  • Coating spray booth with frontal air intake remote filter;
  • Coating spray booth with integrated cartridge filter;
  • Coating spray booth made of still other metallic material.


Contact us for a preliminary consultation

In order to direct advice and suggest CMV offers its customers a preliminary assistance to choose the industrial coating system that best meets their needs, evaluating the best solutions on the basis of the industrial logistics, flows, the type of production and flexibility, with the aim of providing an ad hoc "turnkey solution" system.

Painting systems for pipes

The production range of CMV special systems includes the automatic painting of metal pipes.

In this type of system the tube is conveyed by a special conical roller system which automatically introduces it into an electric induction furnace which preheats it to the temperature suitable for the subsequent painting.

The tube is thus inserted inside an automatic powder cabinet which is suitably adjusted to deliver the exact quantity of powder needed to obtain the exact covering thickness required.

After the aforesaid phase, the piece is automatically cooled by a chilled water system and are unloaded automatically and stored in special transport baskets.

 Painting systems for pipesPainting systems for pipesPainting systems for pipes


Contact us for a preliminary consultation

CMV offers preliminary consultancy to guide and advise its customers in the choice of the tube painting plant that best meets their needs, evaluating the best solutions according to industrial logistics, flows, type of production and flexibility, with the goal of providing an ad hoc system with "turnkey solution".

industria 4.0

Software systems and hardware for industrial automation 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution began and is proceeding with force by making epochal changes to the technological development of all those companies that intend, and must, to evolve towards increasingly advanced management and production planning and control systems capable of optimizing to the maximum every human, economic and energy resource of the company itself.

But this path can be difficult and fraught with obstacles if the idea and the initial project is not supported by a partner who has acquired all the right tools and knowledge, know how, able to guide and support all those companies that have decided to undertake this important and strategic phase of development and evolution.

Systems industrial automation 4.0

PaintSQLSoft ™ painting and control systems

CMV has invested, and still invests, considerable human and business resources to offer industrial automation systems for industry 4.0, and a whole series of related services, which, integrated in painting systems, allow to obtain installations completely connected to the Customer's business network, transform a company that risks obsolescence to an innovative company 4.0.

For this purpose CMV has developed the PaintSQLSoft ™ software system, which, in many installations in Italy and in various parts of the world (USA, South America, East Europe, China, etc.), has shown extreme reliability, flexibility and ease of use.

In the implementation of our PaintSQLSoft ™ painting systems control and control system with Industrial automation systems for industry 4.0, we have developed the three indispensable and essential factors in the implementation of a 4.0 system:

  • Production; on the plant are inserted all those technologies that create a connection between all the elements of the painting plant itself through an extension of an INTRANET network (eternet and wi-fi), and a direct and continuous connection with the plant operators same through the use of a series of fixed monitors, connected via eternet to the central server of the plant, or via tablets connected via wi-fi.
  • Services; the central server (control system and control systems for painting systems) allows direct and programmed connection between CMV and the installed system, this connection will allow optimization of all production parameters or the periodic control of the aforementioned parameters tele assistance, moreover. Furthermore, it will be possible to integrate the plant production planning with the painting system management software which, besides obviously programming the painting cycle, will be able to record all the parameters of the process (time, temperature, humidity), quantity of paint, etc.), thus automatically providing a quality certificate of the product.
  • Energy; The constant control of the production parameters of the painting id plant a continuous control of the energy usage curves of the various machines inserted in the plant itself, which warn the customer in case the thermal or electrical energy demand exceeds the prefixed parameters and therefore allow timely realignment interventions via remote assistance or, if necessary, with direct intervention by our technicians.

Primary functionality of PaintSQLSoft ™ painting and control systems

The industrial PC 4.0 (hardware) is placed on the general control panel on which the central server is also installed (control and control systems for painting systems).

The functionalities of the management software, control and programming of the painting plant 4.0 are from time to time agreed with our client according to his needs and according to the type of management software used by him.

On our central PC they are in any case inserted for each painting system 4.0 of the primary functions for the direct management of the plant to which will then add the accessory information agreed and requested by the Customer himself.

The primary information of the PaintSQLSoft ™ painting and control systems can be summarized as follows:

  1. Visualization and control of the status of each single user through graphic animation on the operator panel.
  2. Display of the current position of each single racks in the various work phases.
  3. Management and control of the temperatures of the various burners with lock signal, minimum temperature and maximum temperature.
  4. Management and display of the chain feed speed.
  5. Start-up of the manual or automatic system (start at programmable time - hour / day).
  6. Setting of customizable programs (RECIPES) according to the product to be processed. By creating a recipe you can set the temperature, the speed of the chain and any processing times and name the file that will be saved in a file that can be called up and changed from the operator panel at any time.
  7. Possibility to exclude some users not necessary for the processing cycle to be performed, for example in the case of multi-stage pretreatment, it will be possible to disable or enable each single stage.
  8. It will be possible to export / import data from other external terminals through the most common formats (.csv, .xml, .excel).
  9. In case of anomalies on the system (thermal trip of the various users, burner block, lack of water in the tanks, exceeding the minimum and / or maximum temperature thresholds, etc.) will be graphically displayed on the layout of the system on the page main, the user not working, and an alarm message on the specific page containing the description, date and time of the report.

Specific functions of PaintSQLSoft ™ painting systems control and control systems

The specific features of our PaintSQLSoft ™ automation system include all the functions that have the task of managing the communications between the customer's management system and our system. The painting system 4.0 for which PaintSQLSoft ™ provides a section specifically dedicated to this process that , of course, from time to time agreed with our customer.

Below is an example of a series of specific and optional data exchange features that can be included in your PaintSQLSoft ™ system

Hardware section for control and painting systems:

  • A PC Server on which the PaintSQLSoft ™ application developed in C # (.NET) and SQL Server Express will be installed.
  • Network cards to communicate with the Customer's Business Network (with TCP / IP address) to communicate with the painting system network with our TCP / IP address

Command and control software for painting systems

  • Our PaintSQLSoft ™ management software will communicate with the main Siemens S7 1500 PLC of the painting system, through a specific protocol and with the Customer Company network through the CMV database tables.
  • Will be realizing specific inbound tables (Customer -> CMV) and output (CMV -> Customer)

Inbound tables having records bearing the following fields:

  • Barcode (Unique Key consisting of Charge Number and Line)
  • Number Ex. BL123
  • Line number BL
  • Date
  • Item number
  • Quantity
  • Color Code
  • Cod. Recipe
  • Order (Optional)
  • Customer (Optional)

The table is used to communicate the articles (through work Charges) to be loaded into the racks of the painting system.

Each racks can load all or part of the items in the work Charges.

The operator can choose the rows of the items to be loaded on the Tabelle in uscita having records bearing the following fields

The outgoing table will be updated in real time at the moment when the ladder will have completed the phase in question, ie the temperature and cooking time will be updated at the exit from the oven and so on:

  • Charge number Ex. BL123
  • Date
  • Item number
  • Finite quantity
  • Color Code
  • Date Entry (on exit from station 1 in the cargo)
  • Release Date (balance sheet arrived at the unloading station)
  • Cooking temperature
  • Cooking Time
  • Withering temperature
  • Withering Time
  • Given cabin 1 (could be color / painting performed on cabin 1)
  • Given cabin 2 (could be color / painting performed on cabin 2)
  • Cooling Time


Contact us for a preliminary consultation

CMV offers preliminary advice to direct and suggest its customers in the choice of the command and control system for painting systems that better respond to their needs, evaluating the best solutions according to industrial logistics, flows, the type of production and flexibility, with the aim of providing an ad hoc system with "turnkey solution".

Solutions for energy saving

According to the technical evaluations carried out by our engineering, the magnitude of the dispersions can arrive, in case of particularly important or geometrically complex shapes, up to a maximum of 25% of the machine energy consumption, therefore eliminating said dissipations will result in a significant reduction of the costs of management of the plant combined with a considerable reduction of the environmental impact of the production line, and in particular of the greenhouse gases.

What are the greatest energy dispersions in painting systems?

From our birth to today we have created countless painting systems and each of them has different technical, productive and dimensional characteristics, but there is a need that unites all our users; have a system that offers maximum energy savings.

In powder coating systems with a continuous feed conveyor, the greatest energy losses are due to the inevitable escape of hot air from the oven ports, due to the "breaking" of the air film, designed to contain the heat from the pieces in transit in the inlet and outlet ports.

This passage, on a continuous system takes place precisely, in an uninterrupted manner, therefore the thermal losses will inevitably be huge and unfortunately, they are intrinsically linked to the production volume of the plant; paradoxically, a painting line is more productive, the greater the dispersion will be.

Solutions for energy saving

The THERMAL LOSS REDUCTION® system, a company patent of the CMV

All these considerations have therefore encouraged us to invest considerable resources in the search for a simple and innovative solution and, to date, with pride, we can present our "Thermal Loss Reduction" containment system, which totally eliminates the aforementioned thermal dispersions and today, protected by international patent N.WO/2008/12064 - DEVICE FOR THE THERMAL LOSS REDUCTION ®

risparmio energetico thermal loss reduction

This revolutionary system allows, through the help of mobile subdivision systems, managed by a particular reading system for high thermal conditions, a total closure of the inlet and outlet openings of the ovens, with clear economic and environmental advantages that surrounds us.

  1. The system is made up of two moving retracting bulkheads, an optical system that reads parts and obviously the relative movement system.

  2. The first interposing partition interposes between two racks or pieces, the minimum space required and equal to 200 mm., And accompanies the same along a special pre-chamber positioned at the entrance and at the exit of the oven.

  3. when said bulkhead has reached the end of the pre-chamber, then the piece is prepared to enter the polymerization chamber, it is lowered until it is positioned under the bed.

  4. in the meantime a second bulkhead positioned at the beginning of the pre-chamber completes the same cycle while the first bulkhead moves to the starting position

minia imgs risparmio energetico 01

Who is the THERMAL LOSS REDUCTION® system?

The Thermal Loss Reduction® containment system is adaptable to all the continuous painting lines and recommended to all companies that need to reduce the costs of managing their systems, offering, together with this considerable advantage, an important contribution to our environment


The advantagesI vantaggi

  • reduction of energy consumption up to a maximum of 25%;
  • improvement of the increase in curing time in temperature and the consequent possibility of increasing the production speed within its own factory;
  • reduction of polluted emissions from the production line;
  • a significant improvement in working conditions within their own factory;
  • elimination of possible pollution inside the oven due to the elimination of the "dusting of the veils of air" and the "gelling that occurs in the special pre-chamber".


Contact us for a preliminary consulting

CMV offers preliminary advice to direct and suggest its customers in the choice to reduce the energy consumption of the painting system that best meets their needs, evaluating the best solutions according to industrial logistics, flows, the type of production and flexibility, with the aim of providing an ad hoc system with "turnkey solution".

The conveyors cmv

From our many years of experience in the production of monorail and bi-rail painting systems we have been able to learn that in order to guarantee our customers total control of the technical and production quality on the product plant it is essential to supply and directly produce every single component in it. above all, what undoubtedly represents the heart of the plant itself, that is, the system for handling, transporting and storing the pieces.

For this reason CMV, the only company in Italy that produces plants that designs, manufactures within it the entire range of air conveyors used in its plants for the automatic or manual handling of each type of product.

The application of our conveyors covers the whole range of our systems from powder, to liquid, to cataphoresis, to manual systems up to the storage and storage of materials.

Why choose a CMV air conveyor ?

  • High specificity of the product as our conveyors are explicitly created to be applied in painting systems;
  • Modular design of the most sensitive points such as exchange stations etc. which are entirely pre-assembled and tested in the Company;
  • Great speed of installation on site thanks to the modularity of construction;
  • Maximum simplification of each component that allows reduced maintenance and long product life;
  • Continua ricerca nella evoluzione del prodottoContinuous research into the evolution of the product;
  • Use of axial rotation systems, unique on the market, interconnected to applications with anthropomorphic robots.

Cmv produces


Power & free bi-rail aerial conveyors

bi-rail aerial


Manual air conveyors

Manual air conveyors


Monorail air conveyors

Progetto manuale


Floor air conveyors


Painting systems with power & free bi-rail air conveyors.

The Power & free bi-rail air conveyors are the main strong point of CMV production, these systems are now used all over the world and some of the most important installations in the United States, South America, China and Eastern Europe testify to the great efficiency and reliability of our products.

Our bi-rail conveyor systems offer the possibility of obtaining complete automation of painting systems and a complete, total and controlled interconnection between the plant and the main paint application systems through anthropomorphic painting robot applications.

Our bi-rail conveyors are mainly used for painting, transport and storage of industrial gearboxes, electric vehicles, industrial automotive components, high-end vehicles, components for the aerospace and aerospace industry and in the painting of industrial machinery.

According to customer needs, our remote assistance allows you to monitor the operation of our bi-rail conveyors worldwide and, if necessary, to intervene to optimize the times and methods of painting.

In recent years, following the industrial developments, and sometimes anticipating what is currently known as automatic management logic 4.0 our software systems are totally integrated with the production management software of the customer and it is therefore possible to program the production cycle by inserting in it the painting cycle necessary in a per-programmed way, always obviously combined with an automatic control before and after painting.

The bi-rail air conveyors adapt to the pre-treatment and painting of both large and small parts that require different processing times, this need is managed by inserting accumulation areas able to meet these different needs, therefore the opportunity to have independent times during the various processing processes allow a production continuity that strongly affects both the final quality level and, above all, the costs of personnel management, currently the primary cost item in the Companies.

This feature, as well as greatly reducing the spaces used, strongly affects the energy saving of the painting system, savings that, in some cases, can easily exceed 50% compared to monorail conveyor systems.

Alcuni dei nostri convogliatori aerei bi-rotaia di tipo Power & free:

convogliatori arei birotaiminia convoglatorebirotaia1convoglatore birotaia

Modelli di convogliatori aerei bi-rotaia “Power & Free”

  Modello > Portata per barra

 EASY > 500 Kg.

 NORMAL > 1000 Kg.

 HEAVY > 3.000 Kg.

 SPECIAL > Oltre 3.000 Kg.

To whom it is addressed

The "Power & Free" bi-rail air conveyors are particularly suitable for companies that produce metallic carpentry, lighting equipment, construction or agricultural machinery, hot galvanizing, the naval sector or all companies that produce goods that require extremely differentiated treatments. as manufacturers of car components, appliance manufacturers and every painting company that works in the sector for third parties.


As we have already mentioned, bi-rail air conveyors offer multiple advantages. The possibility of installing closing doors on multiple machining processes allows a very strong reduction in energy consumption and the possibility of carrying out different processes with independent time, offers a very sensible reduction in the costs of the staff involved.

Manual air conveyors

The use of manual air conveyors sell mainly installed on static painting plants that are for the most part and intended for companies that do not require high productivity but who do not want to give up the quality control of the painting of manufactured items, low purchase investments the plant itself allows therefore to equip itself with an internal painting installation, which offers an extreme simplicity of management combined with low production costs.

Manual over head conveyors:

convogliatore manualeconvogliatore manuale

To whom it is addressed

  Modello > Portata per barra

 EASY-M > 500 Kg.

 NORMAL-M > 1000 Kg.

 HEAVY-M > 3.000 Kg.

 SPECIAL-M > Oltre 3.000 Kg.

To whom it is addressed

The companies that use the manual air conveyor are both medium-sized mechanical carpentry that produce gates, fences, handrails, balusters, etc., also large companies that produce few but large metallic structures, as well as painting companies on behalf of tersi that third-party companies that, despite having automatic painting systems, monorail or bi-rail, intended for the continuous painting of small medium parts, want to complete their offer by painting large sized pieces or small batches.

We therefore suggest this solution to all the companies that, even if they do not need to paint large batches, need to install a painting system inside them in order to maximize the quality of their products.

The advantages

The advantages of this type of air conveyor, simple but effective, are different:

  • the low cost of invested capital;
  • possibility of doing different processes with absolutely independent times;
  • reduced energy consumption or, in any case, consumption closely related to the production volume;
  • reduced logistic installation needs.

Monorail conveyors

Monorail conveyors are used for the automatic transport of small and medium-sized pieces and above all in the surface treatment of large batches with uniform color and geometries.

Some of our projects:

minia convoglatore monorotaConvogliatore monorotai

To whom it is addressed

  Model > Capacity

 DN 40 > 80 Kg.

 DN 45 > Kg.

 DN 52 > 200 Kg.

To whom it is addressed

Companies that work with plastics, manufacturers of small metal parts, furniture manufacturers and paint companies of third parties with customers who produce large batches of uniform color.

The advantages

The most important advantages of this technology are the remarkable simplicity of the transport system, simple maintenance operations and easy management and control of the entire system.


Contact us for a preliminary consulting

CMV offers preliminary advice to direct and suggest its Customers in the choice of monorail and bi-rail air conveyors that best meet their needs, evaluating the best solutions according to industrial logistics, flows, the type of production and flexibility, with the aim of providing an ad hoc system with "turnkey solution".

Cabine di lavaggio manuale e speciali

Manual washing booths

Manual washing booths are mainly used for off-line washing operations or in the treatment of particle size and geometry pieces.

These cabins can also be equipped with a suitable heat generator for drying the washed pieces.

 Manual washing booths are mainly composed of:


Structure on the support made of painted carbon steel

Extraction fans

Liquid collecting tank

ontaining panels made of galvanized sheet or stainless steel sheet




Contact us for a preliminary consulting

CMV offers preliminary consulting to guide and advise its customers in the choice of manual washing booth that best meets their needs, evaluating the best solutions according to industrial logistics, flows, type of production and flexibility, with the objective of providing an ad hoc system with "turn-key solution".

CMV project, produces and installs painting systems

CMV project, produces and installs new painting systems or revamp to existing ones depending on customers needs and objectives. CMV painting plants were born to satisfy specific planning and plant engineering requirements of our customers.

Painting systems differ above all from kind of paint used, kind of mounting to which apply the superficial treatment and the transport system which can be manual or automatic with monorail system or with a highly technological twin-rail system.

Automation of the painting plants

One of the main characteristics that distinguish the painting systems is the system for moving and transporting the pieces to be painted, in this sector CMV is one of the leaders in the production of overhead conveyors that designs and manufactures exclusively within its own premises.

Most of the painting plants produced by CMV are "turnkey" solution and therefore include all the machines that allow to pass from a raw product to a finished product, ready for assembly, packaging and subsequent shipment.

CMV designs all the process machinery ranging from the air conveyor, to the washing and pre-treatment systems, to the drying ovens, to the spray booths to the firing and curing ovens, with maximum precision and in order to obtain their maximum efficiency both from a productive and energetic point of view, also taking care of their aesthetic characteristics.

The CMV production program can therefore be defined as complete and exhaustive, able to cover all the production processes required in the field of industrial painting, our range therefore includes:

Handling and transport systems

  • Power & free overhead conveyors
  • Manual overhead conveyors
  • Monorail overhead conveyors
  • Floor conveyors

convogliatore monorotaiconvogliatori birotai

Visita la sezione convogliatori aerei per maggiori informazioni

Washing and pretreatment plants

  • Spray pre-treatment tunnel made of AISI 304 and AISI 3016L stainless steel
  • Single-stage or multi-stage static cells with step-step or power & free operation
  • Immersion or mixed tanks of spray systems made of stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 3016L or plastic material.
  • Manual and special washing chambers.
  • Tunnels and pretreatment cells integrated with in-line shot blasting machines;
  • Continuous sandblasting and shot blasting or manual blasting chamber.

lavaggio cabina lavaggio manuale

Drying and degassing ovens

  • Drying ovens in line with air curtains
  • Bell drying ovens
  • Drying ovens with door closing
  • Infrared drying ovens


Electrophoresis systems

  • Cataphoresis painting systems
  • Anaphoresis painting plants

minia cataforesiLinea cataforesi

Visita la sezione impianti di verniciatura di cataforesi e anaforesi per maggiori informazioni

Powder coating booths

  • Coating booths in dielectric material complete of external manual work stations;
  • Front suction coating booths with separate filter;
  • Coating booths with integrated cartridge filters;
  • Coating booths in stainless steel or other metallic material.

minia verniciatura polveri

Visita la sezione impianti di verniciatura a polveri per maggiori informazioni

Liquid painting booths

  • Dry filter painting booth with frontal suction;
  • Dry filter painting booth with dry side suction;
  • Dry filter painting booth with floor suction;
  • Water-wash booths;
  • Pressurized spray booths.

cabina pressurizzata liquidoCabina di verniciatura a liquido

Visita la sezione impianti di verniciatura  a liquido per maggiori informazioni

Curing ovens

  • Curing ovens with air curtains;
  • Bell curing ovens;
  • Curing ovens with door closing;
  • Infrared polymerization ovens.

forni cottura

Command and control systems

  • Command and control systems with PLCs integrated into the company network;
  • Command and control systems with simplified PLC for local control;
  • Remote control and control systems with tablets in wireless connection;
  • Parts reading and insertion systems through bar-code;
  • Display and indication systems via local monitors;
  • Eternet lines of production data transfer;
  • Local and remote remote assistance.

pannello controllo

Visita la sezione sistemi di automazione industriale 4.0 per maggiori informazioni 


Contact us for a preliminary consultation

CMV offers preliminary advice to direct and suggest its Customers in the choice of the plant that best meets their needs, evaluating the best solutions according to industrial logistics, flows, the type of production and flexibility, with the objective of provide an ad hoc system with "turn-key solution".

Forni statici di polimerizzazione

Impianti di verniciatura con forni statici di polimerizzazione

Particular attention is given to the design in the realization of the static polymerization oven as this type of machine is undoubtedly one of the most used in the painting of small batches or for off-line processing.

Static curing ovens can be used for painting all metal surfaces and one of the lowest environmental impact technologies.

Thanks to the use of heat exchangers with elements of particular geometry or with the use of direct burners, combined with a high efficiency insulation and an exclusive air distribution system, CMV polymerization ovens offer very high energy and above all qualitative performances.


CMV static furnaces for polymerization are composed of:


Triple fume combustion chamber

Insulation with calcium silicate

High efficiency heat exchanger or airflow generator

Variable speed ventilation system

Internal air diffusion system

High thickness insulation


Contact us for a preliminary consulting

CMV offers preliminary advice to direct and suggest its customers in choosing the polymerization oven that best meets their needs, evaluating the best solutions according to industrial logistics, flows, the type of production and flexibility, with the objective to provide an ad hoc system with "turnkey solution".

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