Painting systems for pipes

The production range of CMV special systems includes the automatic painting of metal pipes.

In this type of system the tube is conveyed by a special conical roller system which automatically introduces it into an electric induction furnace which preheats it to the temperature suitable for the subsequent painting.

The tube is thus inserted inside an automatic powder cabinet which is suitably adjusted to deliver the exact quantity of powder needed to obtain the exact covering thickness required.

After the aforesaid phase, the piece is automatically cooled by a chilled water system and are unloaded automatically and stored in special transport baskets.

 Painting systems for pipesPainting systems for pipesPainting systems for pipes


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CMV offers preliminary consultancy to guide and advise its customers in the choice of the tube painting plant that best meets their needs, evaluating the best solutions according to industrial logistics, flows, type of production and flexibility, with the goal of providing an ad hoc system with "turnkey solution".