icona progettazione cerchioComplete and customized painting systems

The most important awareness that CMV has acquired in its twenty-year activity is the fact that it has gained the knowledge that there can not be a standardized painting plant, because the types of painting systems are as different as the production requirements are different. Qualitative and logistic of our Customers, even if belonging to the same productive sector and also in t case the same Customer purchases different plants for different production sites, also in this case the type of system can be totally different from one plant to another.

The standardization of systems would certainly result in a drastic reduction of the design and production costs of the manufacturer of the painting plant itself, but, certainly, this decrease would not reflect the costs of management of the user, rather, the lack of specific design on each customer very often involves a significant increase in management costs due to oversizing or undersizing the system, a wrong choice of the type of air conveyor (to be replaced with handling of the products), to an unsuitable choice of the type of pretreatment, and so on.

For all the above mentioned reasons, the CMV design is carried out solely and exclusively on the basis of the client's needs and objectives and only after a careful technical, economic and productive analysis of his production reality, shared and approved by him.

Consultancy in the design of the system - what type of system to buy? The difference between successful results obtainable from the future painting plant lies in this initial choice.

For this reason CMV makes available to its customer all the expertise in the choice of the type of system to be adopted, the result of years of research studies, experience in the field, technical and management skills, etc., ultimately what is commonly defined Know-how company.

CMV is able to support you and advise you on the correct selection of the systems that are most suitable for you and then, subsequently, proceed with the estimation, the design through 3D software and CAD-CAM to ensure the necessary rapidity of constructio and finally installation, testing and assistance.

Some of our projects

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Impianto di verniciatura per zincato

Plant for aerospace sector

progetto impianto aereospaziale


progettazione impianti per cataforesi


progettazione automotive


progettazione nanotecnologia

Special treatment plant

progettazione speciale


Contact us for a preliminary consultation

CMV offers preliminary advice to direct and suggest its Customers in the choice of the plant that best meets their needs, evaluating the best solutions according to industrial logistics, flows, the type of production and flexibility, with the objective of provide an ad hoc system with "turn-key solution".