Water-based liquid painting systems for plastic painting

Water-based liquid painting systems for plastic painting

The painting plants with water-based paints for the painting of the plastic away from the solvent-based systems, from the sizing of the work flows and from the thermal and electrical potentialities installed.

It is important to point out that the use of water-based paints for plastic coating is a lower environmental impact than using paints with SOV, since the emission of solvents is extremely low, this factor is very important for as regards the use of liquid paints for plastic, even with the use of very high paint, given that, in compliance with Dgls 152 part V, the use of solvent-based paints is not allowed, and this is why that more and more companies, in the industrial coating of plastics, prefer the installation of this type of plant or adapt to their installations for the use of this technology.

CMV designs and manufactures water-based liquid painting systems for painting plastics with the following characteristics:


handling systems


  • flammation booths;
  • cabins and cleaning with dry ice;
  • Blowing booths;
  • Deionization booths.

Paint booths

Filtering systems

Drying ovens

  • Ovens with air curtains heat restraint;
  • Large Batch ovena;
  • Ovens with automatic doors;
  • Withering rooms.

Command and control panels

with touch screen and management software designed for industry 4.0 (link to 4.0) the specific needs of our customers

control panels

One who turns

The painting plants for plastic with water-based paints are impatient as regards the gloss level of the product is not very high as well as in all, the use of paints with SOV.

The consumer sectors are the best in a home, a box and a camera.

I benefit

The benefits of water-based painting are difficult to use in large quantities compared to solvent-based paints.


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