Impianti di verniciatura a grigliati aspiranti per vetro e legno

Painting systems with suction gratings

Suction gratings Painting systems are considered to be complementary to the use of other more complex types of plants, or can be used in the occasional painting of small batches of large internal dimensions of a cabin and which are often moved with the assistance of dedicated bridge cranes.

Although the use of suction gratings Painting systems is often marginal and reserved for non-long-term surveillance, they also obviously have to meet all the regulatory and safety requirements imposed by the CE standards in force (according to the UNI - EN 12215/10, Directive 2014/34 / EU better known as the ATEX directive, the legislative decree Dlgs 152/06 part V, to the rules of fire safety devices)

For this reason CMV, also in this type of plants, pays particular attention to the choice of assuring air flows. The characteristics that promise full regulatory compliance, specifically:

  • Process flow rates always complying with UNI - EN 12215/10
  • The use of a special stratified filtration system

Impianti di verniciatura a grigliati aspiranti per vetro e legnominia grigliato02

To whom they turn

Companies looking in the industrial field that need to integrate painting accessories for small batches of large pieces. The sectors have dealt with the painting of large pieces, often moved by bridge cranes, or for painting small batches.


Contact us for a preliminary consulting

CMV offers preliminary advice to direct and suggest its customers in the choice of the plant of an aspiring grating that best meets their needs, evaluating the best solutions in terms of industrial logistics, flows, type of production and flexibility, with the goal of providing an ad hoc system with "turnkey solution".