industria 4.0

Software systems and hardware for industrial automation 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution began and is proceeding with force by making epochal changes to the technological development of all those companies that intend, and must, to evolve towards increasingly advanced management and production planning and control systems capable of optimizing to the maximum every human, economic and energy resource of the company itself.

But this path can be difficult and fraught with obstacles if the idea and the initial project is not supported by a partner who has acquired all the right tools and knowledge, know how, able to guide and support all those companies that have decided to undertake this important and strategic phase of development and evolution.

Systems industrial automation 4.0

PaintSQLSoft ™ painting and control systems

CMV has invested, and still invests, considerable human and business resources to offer industrial automation systems for industry 4.0, and a whole series of related services, which, integrated in painting systems, allow to obtain installations completely connected to the Customer's business network, transform a company that risks obsolescence to an innovative company 4.0.

For this purpose CMV has developed the PaintSQLSoft ™ software system, which, in many installations in Italy and in various parts of the world (USA, South America, East Europe, China, etc.), has shown extreme reliability, flexibility and ease of use.

In the implementation of our PaintSQLSoft ™ painting systems control and control system with Industrial automation systems for industry 4.0, we have developed the three indispensable and essential factors in the implementation of a 4.0 system:

  • Production; on the plant are inserted all those technologies that create a connection between all the elements of the painting plant itself through an extension of an INTRANET network (eternet and wi-fi), and a direct and continuous connection with the plant operators same through the use of a series of fixed monitors, connected via eternet to the central server of the plant, or via tablets connected via wi-fi.
  • Services; the central server (control system and control systems for painting systems) allows direct and programmed connection between CMV and the installed system, this connection will allow optimization of all production parameters or the periodic control of the aforementioned parameters tele assistance, moreover. Furthermore, it will be possible to integrate the plant production planning with the painting system management software which, besides obviously programming the painting cycle, will be able to record all the parameters of the process (time, temperature, humidity), quantity of paint, etc.), thus automatically providing a quality certificate of the product.
  • Energy; The constant control of the production parameters of the painting id plant a continuous control of the energy usage curves of the various machines inserted in the plant itself, which warn the customer in case the thermal or electrical energy demand exceeds the prefixed parameters and therefore allow timely realignment interventions via remote assistance or, if necessary, with direct intervention by our technicians.

Primary functionality of PaintSQLSoft ™ painting and control systems

The industrial PC 4.0 (hardware) is placed on the general control panel on which the central server is also installed (control and control systems for painting systems).

The functionalities of the management software, control and programming of the painting plant 4.0 are from time to time agreed with our client according to his needs and according to the type of management software used by him.

On our central PC they are in any case inserted for each painting system 4.0 of the primary functions for the direct management of the plant to which will then add the accessory information agreed and requested by the Customer himself.

The primary information of the PaintSQLSoft ™ painting and control systems can be summarized as follows:

  1. Visualization and control of the status of each single user through graphic animation on the operator panel.
  2. Display of the current position of each single racks in the various work phases.
  3. Management and control of the temperatures of the various burners with lock signal, minimum temperature and maximum temperature.
  4. Management and display of the chain feed speed.
  5. Start-up of the manual or automatic system (start at programmable time - hour / day).
  6. Setting of customizable programs (RECIPES) according to the product to be processed. By creating a recipe you can set the temperature, the speed of the chain and any processing times and name the file that will be saved in a file that can be called up and changed from the operator panel at any time.
  7. Possibility to exclude some users not necessary for the processing cycle to be performed, for example in the case of multi-stage pretreatment, it will be possible to disable or enable each single stage.
  8. It will be possible to export / import data from other external terminals through the most common formats (.csv, .xml, .excel).
  9. In case of anomalies on the system (thermal trip of the various users, burner block, lack of water in the tanks, exceeding the minimum and / or maximum temperature thresholds, etc.) will be graphically displayed on the layout of the system on the page main, the user not working, and an alarm message on the specific page containing the description, date and time of the report.

Specific functions of PaintSQLSoft ™ painting systems control and control systems

The specific features of our PaintSQLSoft ™ automation system include all the functions that have the task of managing the communications between the customer's management system and our system. The painting system 4.0 for which PaintSQLSoft ™ provides a section specifically dedicated to this process that , of course, from time to time agreed with our customer.

Below is an example of a series of specific and optional data exchange features that can be included in your PaintSQLSoft ™ system

Hardware section for control and painting systems:

  • A PC Server on which the PaintSQLSoft ™ application developed in C # (.NET) and SQL Server Express will be installed.
  • Network cards to communicate with the Customer's Business Network (with TCP / IP address) to communicate with the painting system network with our TCP / IP address

Command and control software for painting systems

  • Our PaintSQLSoft ™ management software will communicate with the main Siemens S7 1500 PLC of the painting system, through a specific protocol and with the Customer Company network through the CMV database tables.
  • Will be realizing specific inbound tables (Customer -> CMV) and output (CMV -> Customer)

Inbound tables having records bearing the following fields:

  • Barcode (Unique Key consisting of Charge Number and Line)
  • Number Ex. BL123
  • Line number BL
  • Date
  • Item number
  • Quantity
  • Color Code
  • Cod. Recipe
  • Order (Optional)
  • Customer (Optional)

The table is used to communicate the articles (through work Charges) to be loaded into the racks of the painting system.

Each racks can load all or part of the items in the work Charges.

The operator can choose the rows of the items to be loaded on the Tabelle in uscita having records bearing the following fields

The outgoing table will be updated in real time at the moment when the ladder will have completed the phase in question, ie the temperature and cooking time will be updated at the exit from the oven and so on:

  • Charge number Ex. BL123
  • Date
  • Item number
  • Finite quantity
  • Color Code
  • Date Entry (on exit from station 1 in the cargo)
  • Release Date (balance sheet arrived at the unloading station)
  • Cooking temperature
  • Cooking Time
  • Withering temperature
  • Withering Time
  • Given cabin 1 (could be color / painting performed on cabin 1)
  • Given cabin 2 (could be color / painting performed on cabin 2)
  • Cooling Time


Contact us for a preliminary consultation

CMV offers preliminary advice to direct and suggest its customers in the choice of the command and control system for painting systems that better respond to their needs, evaluating the best solutions according to industrial logistics, flows, the type of production and flexibility, with the aim of providing an ad hoc system with "turnkey solution".