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From our many years of experience in the production of monorail and bi-rail painting systems we have been able to learn that in order to guarantee our customers total control of the technical and production quality on the product plant it is essential to supply and directly produce every single component in it. above all, what undoubtedly represents the heart of the plant itself, that is, the system for handling, transporting and storing the pieces.

For this reason CMV, the only company in Italy that produces plants that designs, manufactures within it the entire range of air conveyors used in its plants for the automatic or manual handling of each type of product.

The application of our conveyors covers the whole range of our systems from powder, to liquid, to cataphoresis, to manual systems up to the storage and storage of materials.

Why choose a CMV air conveyor ?

  • High specificity of the product as our conveyors are explicitly created to be applied in painting systems;
  • Modular design of the most sensitive points such as exchange stations etc. which are entirely pre-assembled and tested in the Company;
  • Great speed of installation on site thanks to the modularity of construction;
  • Maximum simplification of each component that allows reduced maintenance and long product life;
  • Continua ricerca nella evoluzione del prodottoContinuous research into the evolution of the product;
  • Use of axial rotation systems, unique on the market, interconnected to applications with anthropomorphic robots.

Cmv produces


Power & free bi-rail aerial conveyors

bi-rail aerial


Manual air conveyors

Manual air conveyors


Monorail air conveyors

Progetto manuale


Floor air conveyors


Painting systems with power & free bi-rail air conveyors.

The Power & free bi-rail air conveyors are the main strong point of CMV production, these systems are now used all over the world and some of the most important installations in the United States, South America, China and Eastern Europe testify to the great efficiency and reliability of our products.

Our bi-rail conveyor systems offer the possibility of obtaining complete automation of painting systems and a complete, total and controlled interconnection between the plant and the main paint application systems through anthropomorphic painting robot applications.

Our bi-rail conveyors are mainly used for painting, transport and storage of industrial gearboxes, electric vehicles, industrial automotive components, high-end vehicles, components for the aerospace and aerospace industry and in the painting of industrial machinery.

According to customer needs, our remote assistance allows you to monitor the operation of our bi-rail conveyors worldwide and, if necessary, to intervene to optimize the times and methods of painting.

In recent years, following the industrial developments, and sometimes anticipating what is currently known as automatic management logic 4.0 our software systems are totally integrated with the production management software of the customer and it is therefore possible to program the production cycle by inserting in it the painting cycle necessary in a per-programmed way, always obviously combined with an automatic control before and after painting.

The bi-rail air conveyors adapt to the pre-treatment and painting of both large and small parts that require different processing times, this need is managed by inserting accumulation areas able to meet these different needs, therefore the opportunity to have independent times during the various processing processes allow a production continuity that strongly affects both the final quality level and, above all, the costs of personnel management, currently the primary cost item in the Companies.

This feature, as well as greatly reducing the spaces used, strongly affects the energy saving of the painting system, savings that, in some cases, can easily exceed 50% compared to monorail conveyor systems.

Alcuni dei nostri convogliatori aerei bi-rotaia di tipo Power & free:

convogliatori arei birotaiminia convoglatorebirotaia1convoglatore birotaia

Modelli di convogliatori aerei bi-rotaia “Power & Free”

  Modello > Portata per barra

 EASY > 500 Kg.

 NORMAL > 1000 Kg.

 HEAVY > 3.000 Kg.

 SPECIAL > Oltre 3.000 Kg.

To whom it is addressed

The "Power & Free" bi-rail air conveyors are particularly suitable for companies that produce metallic carpentry, lighting equipment, construction or agricultural machinery, hot galvanizing, the naval sector or all companies that produce goods that require extremely differentiated treatments. as manufacturers of car components, appliance manufacturers and every painting company that works in the sector for third parties.


As we have already mentioned, bi-rail air conveyors offer multiple advantages. The possibility of installing closing doors on multiple machining processes allows a very strong reduction in energy consumption and the possibility of carrying out different processes with independent time, offers a very sensible reduction in the costs of the staff involved.

Manual air conveyors

The use of manual air conveyors sell mainly installed on static painting plants that are for the most part and intended for companies that do not require high productivity but who do not want to give up the quality control of the painting of manufactured items, low purchase investments the plant itself allows therefore to equip itself with an internal painting installation, which offers an extreme simplicity of management combined with low production costs.

Manual over head conveyors:

convogliatore manualeconvogliatore manuale

To whom it is addressed

  Modello > Portata per barra

 EASY-M > 500 Kg.

 NORMAL-M > 1000 Kg.

 HEAVY-M > 3.000 Kg.

 SPECIAL-M > Oltre 3.000 Kg.

To whom it is addressed

The companies that use the manual air conveyor are both medium-sized mechanical carpentry that produce gates, fences, handrails, balusters, etc., also large companies that produce few but large metallic structures, as well as painting companies on behalf of tersi that third-party companies that, despite having automatic painting systems, monorail or bi-rail, intended for the continuous painting of small medium parts, want to complete their offer by painting large sized pieces or small batches.

We therefore suggest this solution to all the companies that, even if they do not need to paint large batches, need to install a painting system inside them in order to maximize the quality of their products.

The advantages

The advantages of this type of air conveyor, simple but effective, are different:

  • the low cost of invested capital;
  • possibility of doing different processes with absolutely independent times;
  • reduced energy consumption or, in any case, consumption closely related to the production volume;
  • reduced logistic installation needs.

Monorail conveyors

Monorail conveyors are used for the automatic transport of small and medium-sized pieces and above all in the surface treatment of large batches with uniform color and geometries.

Some of our projects:

minia convoglatore monorotaConvogliatore monorotai

To whom it is addressed

  Model > Capacity

 DN 40 > 80 Kg.

 DN 45 > Kg.

 DN 52 > 200 Kg.

To whom it is addressed

Companies that work with plastics, manufacturers of small metal parts, furniture manufacturers and paint companies of third parties with customers who produce large batches of uniform color.

The advantages

The most important advantages of this technology are the remarkable simplicity of the transport system, simple maintenance operations and easy management and control of the entire system.


Contact us for a preliminary consulting

CMV offers preliminary advice to direct and suggest its Customers in the choice of monorail and bi-rail air conveyors that best meet their needs, evaluating the best solutions according to industrial logistics, flows, the type of production and flexibility, with the aim of providing an ad hoc system with "turnkey solution".