Impianti di verniciatura a liquido a solventeo

Solvent based liquid painting plants

CMV has gained significant experience in the production of liquid painting systems, as our first plants were made for the wood furniture industry.

In solvent-based painting systems, generally, a very high degree of finish and gloss of the finished product is required, which is why, to prevent dust or other impurities from entering the system and compromising the final quality of the manufactured article, said systems must be designed and manufactured with extreme accuracy, above all as regards the flow rates of the process air and the seals of the booths and ovens.

CMV realizes complete liquid painting systems, or a specific part of them, our production includes:

Handling systems

Painting booths

Filters and abatement systems

Drying ovens

  • Static ovens;
  • ovens with air curtains;
  • bell oven;
  • automatic door oven;
  • drying rooms.

Control panels

with plc touch screen and related management software designed and designed for industry 4.0 the specific needs of our customers

Control panels

To whom it is addressed

Solvent painting systems are used in particular where a particularly high degree of finish and glossiness of the product surface is required, and often not obtainable with powder or water-based products. The sectors of greatest use are addressed to the sectors of furniture production such as kitchens, living rooms, bathroom furniture, etc.

The advantages

The advantages offered by solvent-based liquid painting mainly reside in obtaining high quality results and in the faster drying speed of the product compared to the application of water-based paints.


Contact us for a preliminary consulting

CMV offers a preliminary consultation to direct and suggest its Customers in the choice of liquid painting systems that best meet their needs, evaluating the best solutions according to industrial logistics, flows, type of production and flexibility, with the goal of providing an ad hoc system with "turnkey solution"