Cabine a polveri a perdere con filtro a cartucce

Powder booths with integrated cartridge filter

This type of booth is particularly suitable for powder coating of small batches and can be used either individually or inserted on existing painting lines for the loose coating of a few pieces.

Disposable powder coating booths with cartridge filters are widely used in static systems.

The system for the abatement of these booths is made up of filter cartridges equipped with a special in-flow blow molding system, this system can be either integrated into the cab itself or positioned remotely.

 Cabine a polveri a perdere con filtro a cartuccePowder booths with integrated cartridge filter


The disposable powder paint booths with cartridge filter are composed of:


Extraction fans

Cartridge filter

Automatic cleaning system

Structure on the support made of painted carbon steel

Containing panels made of pre-painted panels


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