CMV project, produces and installs painting systems

CMV project, produces and installs new painting systems or revamp to existing ones depending on customers needs and objectives. CMV painting plants were born to satisfy specific planning and plant engineering requirements of our customers.

Painting systems differ above all from kind of paint used, kind of mounting to which apply the superficial treatment and the transport system which can be manual or automatic with monorail system or with a highly technological twin-rail system.

Automation of the painting plants

One of the main characteristics that distinguish the painting systems is the system for moving and transporting the pieces to be painted, in this sector CMV is one of the leaders in the production of overhead conveyors that designs and manufactures exclusively within its own premises.

Most of the painting plants produced by CMV are "turnkey" solution and therefore include all the machines that allow to pass from a raw product to a finished product, ready for assembly, packaging and subsequent shipment.

CMV designs all the process machinery ranging from the air conveyor, to the washing and pre-treatment systems, to the drying ovens, to the spray booths to the firing and curing ovens, with maximum precision and in order to obtain their maximum efficiency both from a productive and energetic point of view, also taking care of their aesthetic characteristics.

The CMV production program can therefore be defined as complete and exhaustive, able to cover all the production processes required in the field of industrial painting, our range therefore includes:

Handling and transport systems

  • Power & free overhead conveyors
  • Manual overhead conveyors
  • Monorail overhead conveyors
  • Floor conveyors

convogliatore monorotaiconvogliatori birotai

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Washing and pretreatment plants

  • Spray pre-treatment tunnel made of AISI 304 and AISI 3016L stainless steel
  • Single-stage or multi-stage static cells with step-step or power & free operation
  • Immersion or mixed tanks of spray systems made of stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 3016L or plastic material.
  • Manual and special washing chambers.
  • Tunnels and pretreatment cells integrated with in-line shot blasting machines;
  • Continuous sandblasting and shot blasting or manual blasting chamber.

lavaggio cabina lavaggio manuale

Drying and degassing ovens

  • Drying ovens in line with air curtains
  • Bell drying ovens
  • Drying ovens with door closing
  • Infrared drying ovens


Electrophoresis systems

  • Cataphoresis painting systems
  • Anaphoresis painting plants

minia cataforesiLinea cataforesi

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Powder coating booths

  • Coating booths in dielectric material complete of external manual work stations;
  • Front suction coating booths with separate filter;
  • Coating booths with integrated cartridge filters;
  • Coating booths in stainless steel or other metallic material.

minia verniciatura polveri

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Liquid painting booths

  • Dry filter painting booth with frontal suction;
  • Dry filter painting booth with dry side suction;
  • Dry filter painting booth with floor suction;
  • Water-wash booths;
  • Pressurized spray booths.

cabina pressurizzata liquidoCabina di verniciatura a liquido

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Curing ovens

  • Curing ovens with air curtains;
  • Bell curing ovens;
  • Curing ovens with door closing;
  • Infrared polymerization ovens.

forni cottura

Command and control systems

  • Command and control systems with PLCs integrated into the company network;
  • Command and control systems with simplified PLC for local control;
  • Remote control and control systems with tablets in wireless connection;
  • Parts reading and insertion systems through bar-code;
  • Display and indication systems via local monitors;
  • Eternet lines of production data transfer;
  • Local and remote remote assistance.

pannello controllo

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Contact us for a preliminary consultation

CMV offers preliminary advice to direct and suggest its Customers in the choice of the plant that best meets their needs, evaluating the best solutions according to industrial logistics, flows, the type of production and flexibility, with the objective of provide an ad hoc system with "turn-key solution".