cabine pressurizzate

Pressurized booths systems metal surfaces

CMV works mainly on the industrial sector and it is principally to this sector that it aims the design and the production of our machines which are completely different and sometime incompatible with technical pressured boot used in civil sectors, mechanic shops, construction etc.

Sometimes these types of booths for civil use are erroneously practiced also in the field of industrial production with which they affect the quality of the final product if not, indeed, in the safety of the operators themselves.

In the management of workflows in the pressurized booths, attention also to the mechanical component in the safety systems, as in performance, the operator works for a prolonged time right inside the booth, which must be protected, obviously and legally, health and safety at work.

The CMV pressurized booths have been designed with suitably sized air flows, so as to contain a speed of capture of the paint, SOV and over-spray effluents. complying with the standard UNI - EN 12215/10, the booths are pressurized and made with materials that guarantee safety in accordance with the Fire Directive, compliance with the Directive Directive 2014/34 / EU better known as the ATEX directive, as well as adopting all the abatement required by Decree Decree 152/06 concerning environmental regulations.

In addition to the above regulatory compliance, our cabs are pressurized and designed to maximize the final quality performance of the product and are designed to minimize normal maintenance operations, making them useful and economical, it is also calculated with the utmost attention, thanks to use of special dry filtration systems, the costs of managing the replacement requirements of the filter materials have been lowered.

Our booths are pressurized when they are used for painting products of considerable technical importance, such as the painting of materials in the space aircraft sector or reserved parts or in the painting of parts reserved for the automotive industry

Our booths are equipped with a refrigeration control system, heating groups and group control, checked in series with the central controller, equipped with a special management and registration section. 

Cabine pressurizzate per superficie metalliche

Finally, our booths are pressurized, they can be inserted inside a continuous painting line with monorail or bi-rail conveyor, or outside it, this solution is generally considered for the painting of large shapes, for small lots, or pieces of difficult geometry, in this type of processing, bear, the booths are units of a special group dedicated to the drying of the product itself.

Also visit the 4.0 command systems section of our website for more information.

The following are the main features that guarantee full compliance with regulations, safety and quality of our pressurized booths:

  • Process flow rates always complying with UNI - EN 12215/10 (for G1 type cabs never lower than 0.3 m / sec.) With air speed between 0.35 and 0.5 m / sec.;
  • Interior lighting with lamps suitable for ATEX installation and not less than 750 em (lx);
  • Clogging control of the abatement systems through the continuous control of the pressure and the air interlocking pneumatic valve;
  • Construction of the booth with insulated rock wool paneling, excluding peremptorily unsuitable materials from a regulatory and safety point of view, such as polyurethane;
  • External and internal paneling made of pre-painted plate in RAL 9010 color to increase the brightness inside the booth;
  • extension of the efficiency of dry filtration systems through the use of a special stratified filtration system;
  • Continuous humidity monitoring and recording (when required).

To whom it is addressed

Our pressurized cabins are generally used in industry and in general in all those applications where the finished product requires a high degree of finish in terms of gloss and cleanliness.

The sectors where our pressurized spray booths are most used are the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, the production of metal furniture as well as the high-grade painting of metallic materials in general.

The advantages

The advantages offered by the use of pressurized spray booths consist mainly in achieving important product quality results and total control of the painting environment in terms of temperature, pressure and humidity where necessary.


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