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Pressurized booths

The CMV pressurized booths for wood and glass are essentially used in industrial production lines with completely different characteristics to the cabins used in the civil field (eg bodywork and building), in fact these latter types of cabins are not suitable for use in the industry as, sometimes, poor process flow rates together with the use of unsuitable materials, can often significantly affect both the quality of the final products and, in the worst cases, the safety of the operators.

The CMV pressurized paint booths are instead suitable for an industrial type use where often the painted pieces are of notably different dimensions and finishing canons are often very high and not reachable except with a specific design of the line and of each single machine inserted on the same. CMV carries out a specific specific study in the design of process flows and an equally specific attention in the choice of components dedicated to plant safety, since in different installations, the operator works inside the cabin for a long time, then a incorrect sizing would compromise health and safety at work.

The utmost attention in the construction of pressurized cabins is to comply with regulatory obligations (UNI - EN 12215/10, Directive 2014/34 / EU better known as the ATEX directive, Legislative Decree 152/06 part V).

Pressurized booths

Fire safety devices

Our pressurized cabins are also designed and manufactured to obtain the maximum quality result manufactured and designed to reduce maintenance operations as much as possible, and the degree of internal brightness required by the operator is carefully calculated and, thanks to the inclusion of special systems of filtration, the management costs imposed by the normal operations of replacement of filtering materials are considerably reduced. Our pressurized cabins are used in the painting of remarkable products aesthetic relevance such as for example pieces of furniture with a glossy or semi-glossy finish such as doors, pieces of bathroom furniture, furniture for living room chairs, etc.

Our pressurized cabins can also be equipped with an automatic internal humidity control system obtained through a refrigerant chiller, heating system and wet-static units, elements in continuous and constant control by a central control PLC, including a specific management segment and recording.

Finally, CMV pressurized cabins can be introduced as part of a complete painting line with continuous advancement using a monorail or bi-rail conveyor, or they can be used outside as a painting and drying booth.

Safety and quality features

The characteristics that ensure the full compliance of the CMV pressurized cabins with the regulatory, quality and safety standards are:

  • Process flow rates always complying with UNI - EN 12215/10 (for G1 type cabins never less than 0.3 m / sec.) With air speed between 0.35 and 0.5 m / sec.;
  • Internal lighting with lamps suitable for ATEX installation and of a grade not less than 750 em (lx);
  • Clogging control of the abatement systems through the continuous control of the differential pressure and relative air interlock valve;
  • Realization of the cabin with panels exclusively insulated with rock wool, without peremptorily excluding unsuitable materials from a regulatory and safety point of view, such as polyurethane;
  • External and internal paneling made of pre-painted RAL 9010 sheet metal to increase the brightness inside the cabin;
  • Extension of the efficiency of dry filtration systems through the use of a special stratified filtration system;
  • Control and continuous recording of humidity (where required).

To whom it is addressed.

The CMV pressurized cabins are almost exclusively used in the industrial sector in all those applications the absolute quality of the finished product, in terms of brightness and cleanliness, and an essential feature. The sectors where our pressurized spray booths are most widely used are all those companies that deal with the painting of pieces of furniture with a glossy or semi-gloss finish such as doors, pieces of bathroom furniture, furniture for living room chairs, etc.

The advantages

The advantages offered by the use of our pressurized spray booths mainly consist in obtaining cash qualitative results of the final product and absolute control and monitoring of the painting environment through the constant management of parameters such as temperature, pressure and humidity.


Contact us for a preliminary consulting

CMV offers preliminary consultancy to direct and suggest its customers in choosing the pressurized cabin for wood and glass that best meets their needs, evaluating the best solutions for industrial logistics, flows, type of production and flexibility, with the goal of providing an ad hoc system with a "turnkey solution".